Thursday, August 2, 2012

This was a painting that that I did for The Haunted Mansion Tribute show at HalloweenTown in Burbank, CA. Its a really high-end store with an art gallery set up like and old Victorian parlor. You can also purchase prints from their website-

The Road Warrior

A couple characters from my favorite movie, The Road Warrior. Wez is the crazy bad guy on the top and Max is the hero below (sadly crazy in real life). Finished up the Wez drawing somewhat recently. I had done an earlier version of Max in his interceptor a long time ago on much smaller sketchbook paper, almost as good as this one, but I sold it (and was sorry I did). So I redrew it on much nicer illustration board, Crescent 300. Pretty happy with the result.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

 This was a painting I did for a Willie Nelson & Snoop Dog art show in LA sometime last year, but never posted. This was fun to do, Willie has lots of great line to noodle around with and Snoop's got a cool face too.  Was happy with his hands too.

Some new sketches

Johnny Depp from the movie Dark Shadows.
A sketch I plan to paint of Lon Chaney from The Phantom of the Opera.

Here's a commission piece I'm working on at the moment.