Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illustration for the band Combichrist

So this was a really fun project to do. This is a band from Atlanta Georgia that wanted some promotional art for an upcoming show out here in LA on Halloween. These guys are already pretty intense looking and then wanted to be made into zombies, so I really was able to let loose on it. The first sketch was pretty successful in capturing the feel that I wanted, but they wanted it to be a little more simplified and stylized with the heavy black lines etc.. so I went a bit more cartoon-y/rockabilly. Once they were happy with the inks, some flat tones were dropped in for some t-shirt and flyer printing. The final image is a bit more rendered out in photoshop, complete with more textures and richer tones to flesh out the forms.

Check the band out here:

Sam at did the logo and pre-press for the final.


  1. Holy Moly...this is totally EPIC!!! haha Was wondering when I would see some of your pen work again my man :P

    Quite inspiring I must say ;) Rock on Wolfie!

  2. Believe it or not I love the initial pencil sketch more than the inks. More texture to it!

  3. Yeah, I usually like the pen and ink sketches more too. That's where the magic is!

  4. It's really coool! Plus the beer is so good!
    You might have a chance to taste it one day!
    Love your work!
    Looks beautiful!!!!!

  5. nice work - what did you use as reference?

  6. >tenshi13 - what did you use as reference?

    yes - I wonder...