Monday, December 6, 2010

Leslie Nielson, you will be missed.

We lost one of the great ones last week, funny man, Leslie Nielson. He was the perfect straight man in ridiculous situations, a la, Airplane, and the bumbling idiot cop who somehow always got his man. I can't remember laughing harder at a movie than the first time I saw The Naked Gun. Call him Leslie, call him Frank, just don't ever call him Shirley. We will miss you. Thanks for all the laughs.


  1. Unbelievably stunning work here, Mr. Wolfinger! The linework in the pencil sketch alone is brilliant and the composition of the serious-Leslie sitting on the toy plane is perfect. He'd be honored and humbled by your work here.

    Since you captured him so well, my guess is that you were a big fan of his work. For the record, my favorite Leslie Nielson vehicle was in the Police Squad (IN COLOR) television show. I recently picked the DVD set of the whole Police Squad series and the ridiculous satire STILL holds up after nearly three decades.

  2. Great work Wolfie.I love how you composed this picture.Leslie will sure be missed :(.Keep up the great work man.