Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Art from Two Recent Shows

Here are three new pieces that are currently up in two different shows. Two are @ Intellegentsia on Colorado Blvd. in Old Town Pasadena and all three are up at Back to the Picture Gallery in downtown San Francisco. All works are either ink or graphite and colored digitally. Prints are available.


  1. I was in HalloweenTown in Burbank today and was incredibly struck by your rendering of Poe. You have somehow made him, which is rather an astonishing feat. Love the smug, "I am a writer" look on his face, too.

    Would love to see your take on H.P. Lovecraft, too.

  2. Any chance you know where I could snag a print of either the Hitchcock or Price print??

  3. Thanks for the nice words, Elisa. And yes, Genaphur, you can buy prints from me or from Halloweentown in Burbank, CA.